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Do I Need A Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorney?


Even the most careful employees can suffer injuries at work. Thankfully, employers in Vermont are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance covers medical costs, lost wages, and more after an employee suffers a work injury. If you’ve recently suffered a work injury and are planning to pursue workers’ compensation benefits, one of the questions you might be asking yourself is whether you need to hire an attorney.

So, do you need a Vermont workers’ compensation attorney? Indeed, some Vermont workers’ compensation cases may not require an attorney’s involvement. However, most workers’ compensation cases require an attorney’s involvement. If you suffered a work injury and plan on pursuing workers’ compensation benefits, it is in your best interest to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. You might assume you don’t need an attorney because the workers’ compensation system exists to help injured employees, but remember that employers or insurance companies fund workers’ compensation. The reality is that most employers and insurance companies often don’t want to pay injured employees what they deserve.

Signs You Need To Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

While it is advisable for any injured worker to hire an attorney to help them with their workers’ compensation case, some specific situations call for an attorney’s intervention. The following are some of these situations;

You Have a Pre-existing Injury

You have the right to recover workers’ compensation benefits in Vermont even if you have a pre-existing injury. In Vermont, you have the right to recover workers’ compensation benefits if an accident aggravates or worsens your pre-existing injury. However, this does not mean the insurance company or your employer will not try to use your pre-existing condition as an excuse to deny your claim.

There Is a Dispute About Whether the Injury Is Work-related

A qualified Vermont workers’ compensation attorney can help establish a clear link between your injury and your work. If you can’t show a clear link between your injury and your work, you may be denied the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

You’ve Suffered Serious Injuries That Prevent You From Working

You are likely entitled to substantial compensation if you suffered a severe work injury. Because of this, your employer or their insurance company may try to devalue your claim. A skilled workers’ compensation attorney can fight to secure the benefits you deserve.

Your Employer Claims You Are Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation

In Vermont, only a small number of workers are not covered by workers’ compensation. For example, independent contractors are not covered by workers’ compensation in Vermont. If your employer has classified you as an independent contractor, even though you are not one, thus meaning you do not qualify for workers’ compensation, contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Generally, someone is an independent contractor if;

  1. they engage in a distinct occupation or business of their own
  2. the work they perform is different from the employer’s normal line of business

You Don’t Understand the Workers’ Compensation Process

If, for example, you do not understand your rights as an injured employee, how to fill out forms, how to calculate the value of your claim, or what you can and can’t say to your employer or the insurance company, you need to hire an attorney.

Contact a Vermont Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you’ve suffered a work injury and need help from a qualified workers’ compensation attorney, contact the experienced and dedicated Vermont workers’ compensation attorney at Sluka Law PLC to schedule a consultation.



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