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Steps To Take After Suffering A Workplace Injury


Nobody wants to suffer an injury on the job, but the truth is that workplace injuries are quite common in the United States of America. Even with safety measures, workplace injuries can still happen. According to the BLS, employers in the U.S. reported 2.6 million injuries and illness cases in 2021. Fortunately, after suffering a workplace injury, an employee can file a workers’ compensation claim and recover compensation. Workers’ compensation allows injured employees to recover benefits quickly while, in turn, protecting employers from being sued by employees.

It is crucial for employees to understand what steps they need to take after suffering an injury on the job. The following are some of the steps to take after suffering a workplace injury in Vermont.

Get to Safety

The first thing you should do after suffering a workplace injury is to ensure you are safe. If your condition allows you, move to a safe place. Once you are safe, think carefully about your next step.

Get Medical Treatment                            

Immediately after suffering a workplace injury, seek medical treatment. If your injuries are severe, you might need to call an ambulance or have someone rush you to the emergency room. If your injuries are not severe, you do not have to call an ambulance or go to the emergency room. However, even if you think your injuries are not severe, ensure you see a doctor as soon as possible.

Vermont’s workers’ compensation laws allow you to choose which doctor to see after a workplace injury. Your employer can choose which doctor you see for your first appointment, but after that, your employer has no right to tell you which doctor to see.

Report Your Injury to Your Employer

After suffering a workplace injury, do not hesitate to report your injury to your employer. Notifying your employer of your workplace injury promptly can result in you being denied workers’ compensation benefits. Regardless of how serious or minor you believe your workplace injury is, ensure you report it to your employer as soon as possible. Your employer only has 72 hours after your injury to file a report of your injury, so the sooner you report your injury, the better.

Gather Evidence

To succeed in your workers’ compensation claim, you require evidence. So collect as much evidence as you can after suffering a workplace injury. For example, keep a detailed record of how your accident happened and how your injury has affected you. Collect witnesses’ testimonies or contact information and maintain a record of your appointments with your doctor. Additionally, ensure you document any time taken off work. You will need documentation to claim lost wages once you file your workers’ compensation claim.

Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Going to all your doctor’s appointments and sticking to the recommended treatment is not only good for your health. It can also help you support your workers’ compensation claim. Going to all doctor’s appointments and sticking to the recommended treatment can help you prove the severity of your injury. Following your doctor’s orders can help you maintain your credibility.

Contact a Qualified Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Finally, contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney after suffering a workplace injury. It can be challenging to navigate the workers’ compensation process without legal help.

Legal Help Is Available

To get help with a workers’ compensation claim, contact our skilled and dedicated Vermont workers’ compensation attorney at Sluka Law PLC.




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