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Tips for Preventing Struck-by Injuries at Construction Sites


According to OSHA, when the force of an impact of an object against a worker’s body results in an injury, the event is called a struck-by accident. Stuck-by hazards are categorized as follows;

  1. struck-by falling object
  2. struck-by flying object
  3. struck-by swinging object, and
  4. struck-by moving (ground-level) object.

All workers are at risk of sustaining struck-by injuries, but construction workers are at a greater risk of suffering these injuries than other workers. Research suggests construction workers are at twice the risk of struck-by injuries than workers in other industries. Struck-by incidents are one of OSHA’s top four construction hazards.

Fortunately, there are measures construction workers can take to prevent or reduce the risk of suffering struck-by injuries in the workplace. The following are some of the things that can prevent struck-by injuries at construction sites;

Protect Your Head

Workers at construction sites should ensure they always protect their heads. Always wear head protection or hard hats. A hard hat can protect you from, among others, cuts and traumatic brain injuries.

Wear Protective Eyewear

If you work with tools or materials that can create flying particles or dust, it is crucial that you wear protective eyewear to keep your eyes safe. If chemicals or particles enter your eye, you could suffer a severe eye injury. For example, you can wear safety glasses or goggles.

Use a Tool Lanyard

Work tools can sometimes slip and fall. Tool lanyards can prevent you from hitting someone below when a tool slips and falls from a height. A tool lanyard or tether allows you to attach tools to yourself while working.

Inspect Tools and Equipment

Ensure tools and equipment are regularly inspected to ensure they are in proper working condition. Tools or equipment with defects should not be used.

Always Be Visible

It is vital that you are highly visible at all times, especially if you operate heavy machinery. Wear bright gear or reflective vests and ensure your safety clothing can be seen even at night.

Stay Alert

Staying alert when at a construction site can help you prevent struck-by injuries. Always stand clear of vehicles or machinery lifting or dumping loads. Be careful around unbalanced loads, and avoid standing near or below overhead materials. Additionally, listen for horns and alarms and obey signals and signs.

Secure Potentially Hazardous Equipment

Ensure you properly secure potentially dangerous equipment whenever it is not in use. If, for instance, a machine has blades and moving parts, lower the blades and lock the moving parts. However, only secure equipment if you have been trained on how to do so properly. Trying to secure equipment, yet you do not have the proper training, can be dangerous.

Legal Help Is Available

Suppose you sustain an injury after being struck by an object while on the job. In such a case, you may be eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim and recover benefits. After suffering a struck-by injury while on the job, it is crucial that you contact a skilled workers’ compensation attorney for legal guidance. Our Vermont workers’ compensation attorney at Sluka Law PLC is here for you.



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