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How To Handle Your Workers’ Compensation Independent Medical Examination


It is estimated that over 4 million workers’ compensation claims are filed annually in the United States of America. In a perfect world, after you file a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company would approve the claim without asking questions. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. It is common for employers and insurance companies to dispute workers’ compensation claims. It is common for injured employees to be required to take extra steps to get their workers’ compensation claims approved. After you have filed a workers’ compensation claim, one thing you may be asked to do is to attend an independent medical examination (IME). An IME is conducted by a doctor approved by the insurance company. This article discusses how to handle your workers’ compensation IME. Specifically, we discuss how to prepare for your IME and what you should do on the day of the IME and at the exam.

Preparing for Your Workers’ Compensation IME

The following are some tips for preparing for your workers’ compensation IME.

#1: Confirm if the Information the Insurance Company Has Given the IME Doctor Is Accurate

The insurance company may send a letter describing your condition to the examiner. The insurance company may send your medical records to the IME doctor. You should ask to review this letter before your exam. You should ask for a copy of the medical records sent to the examiner. This is crucial so you can verify the facts and correct any errors about the facts of your case.

#2: Get Familiar With Your Medical History

The examiner will have your medical records and will ask questions about your medical history. So take time to review your medical history, including previous injuries and treatments.

#3: Get Familiar With Your Course of Treatment

The IME doctor will want to know what treatment you have received for your current injury. The IME doctor may want to see if you have received any unnecessary treatments or if your treating physician has not suggested any obvious treatments. Therefore, you should take time to familiarize yourself with your course of treatment.

#4: Review Your Current Symptoms

The examiner will ask you about your current symptoms. The doctor will want to know about any limitations you are experiencing. So take note of all your current symptoms and limitations, ensuring you include everything regardless of how minor it seems.

What To Do at the IME

The following are some of the things to do on the day of your IME and at the exam;

  • Dress appropriately: Dress in a manner consistent with your injury
  • Arrive early: Missing the appointment time may result in consequences
  • Be polite: Responding with hostility can hurt your claim
  • Be honest about everything: Lying will result in you losing credibility

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